Amazing News, It don’t rain it pours!!!

Well I’ve got a lot to say for this post. Firstly I’ve been chosen (after writing a proposal) for a two week course in paper making looking at how surface and form can be explored in the craft of paper making. It’s going to take place in the amazingly beautiful location of Haystack Mountain school in Maine USA on an island in the Atlantic, I’m extremely pleased to have this opportunity and my project will use the area local to the mountain school as a starting point to the work I create there. ¬†below is a link to the course I’m going on.

and check out some of the work by Susan Warner Keen the teacher for the course some of it’s amazing!

But this isn’t all!

I’ve also been given some funding to help start up a Mobile Photographic Screen Printing workshop to take screen printing to all areas of the community. I will be running workshops for between 5- 20 people. I hope to work with young people in schools, youth centres and detention centres, along with workshops in prisons, residential centres and other community institutions. as well as with ex-offenders and those in rehabilitation Giving people the ability to voice their own opinions and find positive alternatives through art. The project is due to kick of in about 3 months after I have aquaired the equipment, got the promotions sorted and ironed out any creases. So look out for shows and workshops! I’m Still trying to think of a good name for it so that will come in another post. I’d Appreciate suggestions too.

As well as these socially driven workshops I will be running small skill sharing and more in depth workshops for artists. So as you can Imagine I’m a very happy bunny right now. ¬†Anyway for the want of not going on for ever, I’ll be posting more in future.


sScreen Print, 2010