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Survival of over one year exposure to the Elements,

This Proof on Newsprint was fly posted to a flaking wooden panel wall outside over a year ago for the purpose of collecting imagery which I could use for my final show on the MA at UWE, Having a mild to large obsession with crumbling flaking urban surfaces I was so happy to pass this the other day and find the the proof had naturally become part of this urban history tracing the effects of weather and existence on the surfaces of the urban landscape  and mapping out its own history. The work which  was once imposed onto the surface of the wall has now fully integrated itself with it. Not only am I extremely happy with this but I am also extremely surprised that the poster has managed to last this long.

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I have recently created a photo fit block in true Crime Watch UK style, which collages different paintings of the image of Jesus, the portrait is finished with a double ended teddy boy quiff taken from a commercial fashion image, It has the essence of something like big brother from 1984. I think I’ll try to do the same with this image.

exhibitions, multi media printmaking, News, Printmaking

Cupola Gallery, Monomania, Sheffield

It’s very lovely to be able to present some of my work in one of my home towns! the Monomania exhibition at the Cupola gallery opens tonight and will be up until the 25th April, so if your in or around Sheffield Drop by and check it out.

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