The Print Shop- Unit 6 Quakers Friars- Bristol city Centre.

I’ve been really busy over the last 4 months starting and helping to co-ordinate The Print Shop, which is a pop up shop entirely dedicated to the selling and teaching of prints made by two studios Spike Print Studio, Whom I have represented and Drawn In Bristol.

We decided to embark on a 6 month Collaborative pop up shop in the city centre of Bristol which would sell only hand printed artifacts and also teach and share the methods of printmaking in order to raise the profile of print and awareness to the many artists in the local area utilising print as a means to create their art work. There have now been over 8 workshops, 4 volumes each with a new turn around of over 20 artists and 4 well established guest artists appearing on our feature wall, we are now in the final volume of the term and will be closing the shop at the end of the festive season.

I’d just like to put out some of my personal highlights of working as part of the management for the shop and hopefully those of you reading this will pop down to check out the final volume as it really is the cream of the crop and has been curated by myself, Kerry Day, Dave Bain and Dawn Cooper, who are the mighty admin/creative team running the show.


From Left To Right: Dave Bain, John Lynch, Bryony Morgan,Carys Ink, Kerry Day.

On with the highlights:

1: The Feature Guest artists- We have had some amazing work appear on our guest feature wall during the shop. The artists that have exhibited in this space are Yuji Hiratsuka, Irena Czapska and Tom Sowden ( Collaboration), John Kilburn and currently Pete Williams. The guests have all been of a really high standard and have each had a very unique take on printmaking. From Hiratsuka’s Beautiful coloured etchings telling their stories, teasing the viewer and baffling the printmakers to Pete Williams monumental medallion to a run to anywhere in time. I’ve been really enjoying the role of co-ordinating most of these with the exception of John Kilburn who was invited by Drawn in Bristol and it’s been great to exhibit such respected artists. ‘


Futago Kannon: Twin Goddess of Mercy- Yuji Hiratsuka- Four Colour Etching.

We also had a great evening when we managed to arrange a live link up all the way to Oregon county where Yuji and the Print Shop skype called and I lead an interview with the artist which was followed by a Q&A session. A great evening was had by all.

We’ll be hosting another artist talk on the 21st November from 7:30 with Pete Williams their are limited places so email to reserve your spot.

2: Elaine Cooper: Washi Artist.

We were really fortunate to have Elaine Cooper involved in the early stage of the shop: her research into the art of Japanese paper making has lead her to study under a Japanese master for the last ten years living between England and Japan, we were lucky enough to have her deliver a range of paper making workshops in the Print Shop.

3: Hanging the work into the small hours.

With the turn around of over 60 different local artists 4 times in total, time has alway been pretty tight and I’ve really enjoyed going slightly mad with Dave and Fran whilst hanging all the work through the night always the day before the next launch.

4: All the Artists.

It’s really hard to mention the amount of print and great printed objects that have been through the shop so the best thing to do is go to the blogg page and look at all the great interviews.

5: Using the Studio space.

Over the duration of the shop so far I have been working on my brand new woodcut, Royal Mail: V1 it’s been great to use the studio space in the shop and talk to people about what I’m working on and why. This print has taken me about 3 months to get right.

6: The monthly team meetings.

We’ve had a great team in the Admin department all with a load of creative drive and great ideas, and its been a really good experience working and contributing to the project.

There are really so many more great factors of the print shop but the thing to do is get down there before we close if you can and have a look at all the great work, go to the blog to check out who’s there and what events are happening this month, and help us to look after our studio by buying something whilst you’re there.



Printing Workshops coming up!

It’s been a while since i’ve updated my blog, thats mostly due to the wonderful Print Shop, and lots of good work going on there, anyway… If you’d like to join me on this short course I’ll be running at Spike Print Studio and learn loads about relief printing then there are still a few spots left!

Also I’ll be running a wintery season of Weekend screen printing workshops at The Island Art Space from November. 

More about this coming soon, but the dates are set

December -14th & 15th  Make some screen printed gifts or cards!

January- 18th & 19th

February-22nd & 23rd

March – 15th&16th

if you want to know more get in touch at


I’ll also be exhibiting at Multiplied this year with Spike Print Studio!!




New Mills / Derbyshire open arts

I’ll have mostly all of my relief prints including the newest works and some gifts for sale at the Torr Vale Mill for the New Mills Arts and Derbyshire Open arts events over the coming bank holiday weekend. I’ll also be happy to talk about any printmaking methods and will have room for a few demos hopefully. So if you are in the area drop by it looks like it will be a lovely event in the old Torr Vale mill. 



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Screen Printing Course.

I’ll be running another weekend screen printing course at The Island Art Space. The course will be in the spacious gallery on bridewell Street on the 15th-16th June. It’s £75 for the whole weekend course from 10:00 till 4:00 each day and I’ll be teaching the entire photosensitive, multi coloured screen printing process. Starting from drawn or digital imagery and using a range of marks and textures to create a set of prints. Also available are options for experimental screen printing and textile work.

If you are interested please email me at to book a place. There is a maximum class size of ten and some spaces have already gone so book soon if you want to guarantee a space.


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Survival of over one year exposure to the Elements,

This Proof on Newsprint was fly posted to a flaking wooden panel wall outside over a year ago for the purpose of collecting imagery which I could use for my final show on the MA at UWE, Having a mild to large obsession with crumbling flaking urban surfaces I was so happy to pass this the other day and find the the proof had naturally become part of this urban history tracing the effects of weather and existence on the surfaces of the urban landscape  and mapping out its own history. The work which  was once imposed onto the surface of the wall has now fully integrated itself with it. Not only am I extremely happy with this but I am also extremely surprised that the poster has managed to last this long.

. 483765_10151586623267835_247860046_n

I have recently created a photo fit block in true Crime Watch UK style, which collages different paintings of the image of Jesus, the portrait is finished with a double ended teddy boy quiff taken from a commercial fashion image, It has the essence of something like big brother from 1984. I think I’ll try to do the same with this image.

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Cupola Gallery, Monomania, Sheffield

It’s very lovely to be able to present some of my work in one of my home towns! the Monomania exhibition at the Cupola gallery opens tonight and will be up until the 25th April, so if your in or around Sheffield Drop by and check it out.

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Peter Reddick Bursary Update.

Ok so I have now added some of the work I have been making at spike studio for the first part of my bursary. I have been developing my practice using wood cut reduction and multi block reduction relief work. I am pleased with the results so far and I’m now taking the combined multi block reduction method into development. I have prepared a block with interchangeable sections and have also started experimenting with found objects and blocks working towards a less contained more free form of relief printing. So far it’s been ace to work at Spike Print studio and the facilities, staff and members there are really great! You can click the picture to see the rest of the new work or go to the relief printing tab.


Arnos Vale Angel

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Blink And You’ll Miss It

Following the solo show of my Modern Icon prints at South Hill Park arts centre, the work will be returning to Bristol for a pop-up exhibition at the island art space, nelson st, Bristol. The show will open on the 23rd November at 6:00 and be open for the weekend only. There will also be printed items such as Bags, T-towels, and xmas Stockings at the Cube cinema Christmas Market on the 25th.

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Peter Reddick Bursary

Peter Reddick (1924-2010) was one of the co-founders of Spike Print in Bristol. His work shows intricate wood engravings with flowing effortless lines. He was a big part in the creation of one of the countries best print studios and to remember his work and achievements Spike offer a one year bursary to artists showing an innovation in relief printing.This year I have been lucky enough to have been awarded the bursary and with my Great Art print prize award I’m looking set to advance even further into the field of contemporary relief printing. I will be spending a good year creating new methods and pushing the field of relief printing as much as I can. This will be supported by professional development and courses offered at Spike Print. Along the way I hope to be giving Talks and demonstration about my work developments during the bursary and will also be continuing to post and share new findings and work on this here blog page. Towards the end of the bursary I hope to have excellelerated  my language in print and will be exhibiting a full body of new works. I’m obviously really exited about the possibilities of this bursary and can’t wait to get started with all the introductory sessions at Spike Print. Stay posted to find out what happens!

Beautiful World: The Work of Peter Reddick, RWA

Peter Reddick: Cutting the Light


  Peter Reddick, Baobab Tree. 


NEO Print Prize Winner!

I am delighted to announce that my mutli process print ‘Icon’ has been awarded the Great Art Most outstanding new media in print award. Please enjoy the moment by following this link.

It is a great honour to recieve the prize and I am looking forwards to a shopping spree of more tools, paper and inks to create a new series of prints. You can see this and ‘Expectations’ at the current Neo Printprize Exhibition in Bolton, or visit the Electric Picture house in Congleton, or see a full solo show at the Southhill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell.