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Peter Reddick Bursary Update.

Ok so I have now added some of the work I have been making at spike studio for the first part of my bursary. I have been developing my practice using wood cut reduction and multi block reduction relief work. I am pleased with the results so far and I’m now taking the combined multi block reduction method into development. I have prepared a block with interchangeable sections and have also started experimenting with found objects and blocks working towards a less contained more free form of relief printing. So far it’s been ace to work at Spike Print studio and the facilities, staff and members there are really great! You can click the picture to see the rest of the new work or go to the relief printing tab.


Arnos Vale Angel

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Hong Kong, International Student Print Exchange: HKOP

I was recently invited over to be a guest speaker and give a demo at the International Student Print Exchange by the lovely people at the Hong Kong Open Printshop. Whilst there I delivered a Photo Etching Demonstration and gave a talk about my work and the developments of the Print department at UWE.  I also run a day of mono printing methods at the Island school.

The HKOP organised the Hong Kong Graphic arts fiesta which Exhibited a large selection of printed works by students from across the globe together in  the Sha TIn town hall. The Exhibition was a real eye opener with an amazing amount of very high quality work. Along side the exhibition where a number of Demonstrations and Presentations including a lithography and reduction relief workshop. to see the exhibition go to virtual Exhibition, It’s great!

And for some photos, Mostly of my wandering about click the picture below, or go to the tab.

HKOP Graphic arts Fiesta Video

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I recently returned from Haystack Mountain School of Craft where I was lucky enough to have won a residency on the Paper making course. The fellowship is known as the Marlin Miller Fellowship and is there to promote International awareness of Haystack. It was such an amazing place and our Teacher Susan Warner Keene was not only one of the loveliest people to work with but she was an immense knowledge on paper. I have been introduced to an entirely new side of paper that is really exiting, the only problem is the extreme lack of suppliers in England there are . All the teachers were great Artists and I met so many really great, talented people. It’s different In America Fine crafts really mean something and they are really respected as a result there is a great appreciation for the arts and fine crafts. I will be posting a full report which I am currently in the process of writing but it’s quite large so when it’s finished I will post it on the Haystack: Marlin Miller Page.

In the Mean time Check out the Photos!

  I am Very Grateful.