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Royal Mail: V1


I’ve been developing my woodcut methods whilst under the Peter Reddick Bursary at Spike Print Studio and have recently spent quite a lot of time on Royal Mail:V1 it is a four colour separation woodblock print in which I used four blocks, Black, Yellow, Blue, and Red to create all the colours. I used Kento registration to get really good accuracy. The piece of work is inspired by a postcard of East Berlin from the 1950’s in which a new Utopian dream is offered, However in Royal Mail, the image is offered in similar colours but it shows the concrete skeleton of the former Royal Mail centre behind Temple meads train station in Bristol, The building stands in a perpetual state of limbo and has done since I’ve lived in Bristol. Too much to knock down and Too much to renovate and utterly useless beyond it’s own iconic presence.

The Print is a departure from reduction cuts and is the beginning of a new body of woodcut works depicting a kind of poetry in concrete, I’ve given the body the rather tacky title of Concrete Emotions, which a friend of mine told me sounds like a 90s Soft Metal band. I found this rather amusing, Look out for more 4 colour wood block prints from me coming in good time.

This print will be for sale in the final volume of The Print Shop in Bristol, so if you’d like to see it up close thats where it is. If you would like to order one please email me at johnjosephlynch@hotmail.com, the print is a very limited edition of 10, and I will be creating some different variation editions. The V1 stands for Version 1.

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Screen Printing Course.

I’ll be running another weekend screen printing course at The Island Art Space. The course will be in the spacious gallery on bridewell Street on the 15th-16th June. It’s £75 for the whole weekend course from 10:00 till 4:00 each day and I’ll be teaching the entire photosensitive, multi coloured screen printing process. Starting from drawn or digital imagery and using a range of marks and textures to create a set of prints. Also available are options for experimental screen printing and textile work.

If you are interested please email me at stereographworkshops@gmail.com to book a place. There is a maximum class size of ten and some spaces have already gone so book soon if you want to guarantee a space.


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Survival of over one year exposure to the Elements,

This Proof on Newsprint was fly posted to a flaking wooden panel wall outside over a year ago for the purpose of collecting imagery which I could use for my final show on the MA at UWE, Having a mild to large obsession with crumbling flaking urban surfaces I was so happy to pass this the other day and find the the proof had naturally become part of this urban history tracing the effects of weather and existence on the surfaces of the urban landscape  and mapping out its own history. The work which  was once imposed onto the surface of the wall has now fully integrated itself with it. Not only am I extremely happy with this but I am also extremely surprised that the poster has managed to last this long.

. 483765_10151586623267835_247860046_n

I have recently created a photo fit block in true Crime Watch UK style, which collages different paintings of the image of Jesus, the portrait is finished with a double ended teddy boy quiff taken from a commercial fashion image, It has the essence of something like big brother from 1984. I think I’ll try to do the same with this image.

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Cupola Gallery, Monomania, Sheffield

It’s very lovely to be able to present some of my work in one of my home towns! the Monomania exhibition at the Cupola gallery opens tonight and will be up until the 25th April, so if your in or around Sheffield Drop by and check it out.

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Peter Reddick Bursary Update.

Ok so I have now added some of the work I have been making at spike studio for the first part of my bursary. I have been developing my practice using wood cut reduction and multi block reduction relief work. I am pleased with the results so far and I’m now taking the combined multi block reduction method into development. I have prepared a block with interchangeable sections and have also started experimenting with found objects and blocks working towards a less contained more free form of relief printing. So far it’s been ace to work at Spike Print studio and the facilities, staff and members there are really great! You can click the picture to see the rest of the new work or go to the relief printing tab.


Arnos Vale Angel

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Blink And You’ll Miss It

Following the solo show of my Modern Icon prints at South Hill Park arts centre, the work will be returning to Bristol for a pop-up exhibition at the island art space, nelson st, Bristol. The show will open on the 23rd November at 6:00 and be open for the weekend only. There will also be printed items such as Bags, T-towels, and xmas Stockings at the Cube cinema Christmas Market on the 25th.

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Peter Reddick Bursary

Peter Reddick (1924-2010) was one of the co-founders of Spike Print in Bristol. His work shows intricate wood engravings with flowing effortless lines. He was a big part in the creation of one of the countries best print studios and to remember his work and achievements Spike offer a one year bursary to artists showing an innovation in relief printing.This year I have been lucky enough to have been awarded the bursary and with my Great Art print prize award I’m looking set to advance even further into the field of contemporary relief printing. I will be spending a good year creating new methods and pushing the field of relief printing as much as I can. This will be supported by professional development and courses offered at Spike Print. Along the way I hope to be giving Talks and demonstration about my work developments during the bursary and will also be continuing to post and share new findings and work on this here blog page. Towards the end of the bursary I hope to have excellelerated  my language in print and will be exhibiting a full body of new works. I’m obviously really exited about the possibilities of this bursary and can’t wait to get started with all the introductory sessions at Spike Print. Stay posted to find out what happens!

Beautiful World: The Work of Peter Reddick, RWA

Peter Reddick: Cutting the Light


  Peter Reddick, Baobab Tree. 

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My next exhibit…

My next exhibition will be at South Hill Art Centre in Bracknell the the preview is on the 7th September. It’s a lovely space and you will be able to see a collection of my new works on display. 

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Modern Icons

I have recently finished an entire new body of work which is currently on display at the UWE MA Multidisciplinary printmaking show at Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol.

The work is a multi media print experience based on the conception of synthesised icons in a modern day context, I shall be publishing my MA journal online soon so look out for that for in depth descriptions of the work.

The work for the show consists of: Colour reduction relief print, Digital giclee print, Flock, Screen print, Photo etching onto plaster, etched enameled copper work, and the use of found objects. it was all created between November 2011 and completed by May 2012.

Please Click on the photo for a direct link to the Gallery.

Many Thanks.


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Hong Kong, International Student Print Exchange: HKOP

I was recently invited over to be a guest speaker and give a demo at the International Student Print Exchange by the lovely people at the Hong Kong Open Printshop. Whilst there I delivered a Photo Etching Demonstration and gave a talk about my work and the developments of the Print department at UWE.  I also run a day of mono printing methods at the Island school.

The HKOP organised the Hong Kong Graphic arts fiesta which Exhibited a large selection of printed works by students from across the globe together in  the Sha TIn town hall. The Exhibition was a real eye opener with an amazing amount of very high quality work. Along side the exhibition where a number of Demonstrations and Presentations including a lithography and reduction relief workshop. to see the exhibition go to virtual Exhibition, It’s great!


And for some photos, Mostly of my wandering about click the picture below, or go to the tab.

HKOP Graphic arts Fiesta Video